1. What if the package is damaged or lost when I receive it?
Our website 100% guarantee delivery. Therefore, if delivery is not possible, we will reship the product to you free of charge.

2. Can you provide a warranty for the watch?
We back every watch you buy from this site with a 12 month warranty. Only faulty watches can be returned or replaced. The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, or damage caused by external causes (such as scratches, missing stones, dents, scratches, fading/chipping of product materials, etc.). The warranty does not cover water damage, lost or stolen parts, or damage due to personal misuse/negligence, so we strongly recommend that you do not use any watch for swimming, diving, surfing or any other similar activities.

3. What is the first thing I need to do after receiving the watch?
When you receive your watch, please wind it. The watch is likely to run out of energy in transit. Turn the crown clockwise approximately 15 – 20 turns to wind the watch. If you know your watch is battery powered, you don’t need to wind it. If your watch has a screw-down crown, turn the crown counterclockwise until it loosens. Then do 15-20 clockwise rotations as before. Once done, you can tighten it by pushing the crown inside and turning it clockwise at the same time. With manual winding, your watch will start ticking.

4. Is your shipping address different from your credit card billing address?
If your shipping address does not match your billing address, you will need to verify that you are the payer or the credit card holder. We will ask for a self-proclaimed copy of your credit card. This is to avoid fraud attempts and protect the real credit card owner.

5. Since everyone’s payment habits are different, we provide the most abundant payment methods. We support four payment methods.

1. Credit card
2. Western Union
3. Paypal
4. Direct Bank Transfer
Among them, the credit card can be Visa or MasterCard.

6.What’s your return policy?
After receiving the goods, Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied, you can contact customer service to request a refund.( The premise is that you have not ever used it)
Refund process: contact customer service and get the return address.
After we receive the goods and check them, if the watch is brand new ,never worn ,we will arrange a refund immediately and it need 8-20 days to return the money back to your card.